Obesity Action Campaign on the Telly

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Dr Jude Oben, gastroenterologist and founder of the Obesity Action Campaign, is often called in by the media to discuss the growing crisis of obesity in the UK.

Below are some of the recent interviews…

Tape Measure ‘Better For Weighing Up Obesity’ Sky News – 23/03/14
Jude demonstrates a more accurate way of assessing weight.

Old Before My Time BBC3 – 04/11/13
Jude discusses the health problems associated with obesity in young people and demonstrates one of the treatment methods.

Balloon Treatments for Obesity Sky News – 21/01/14
Jude comments on the various balloon treatments currently used in tackling obesity.

Britain’s Obesity Crisis Sky News – 13/01/14
Jude explains Britain’s escalating obesity crisis.

60 stone Teenager Sky News – 25/05/12
Jude discusses the case of a 60 stone teenager and the increasing problem of obesity in the UK.