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  1. Health and Social Care Information Centre (2009), Children’s overweight and obesity prevalence, by survey year, age-group and sex.
  2. Department of Health, Obesity: General Information.
  3. National Obesity Observatory (2011), Prevalence of obesity by deprivation decile: Children in Reception and Year 6 (National Child Measurement Programme 2009/10).
  4. Obesity Steering Group, The Academy Obesity Steering Group has been established to carry out a project on tackling obesity on behalf of the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties.
  5. BMI Calculator: Also available as a free App on smartphones.
  6. NHS Weight Loss Guide
  7. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Eat Right Nutrition Tips: Some great practical tips on healthy eating for all the family.
  8. The Infant and Toddler ForumA great resource for information on nutrition for toddlers. Includes advice on common feeding difficulties in children. Particularly helpful is the Portion Guide for toddlers.