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  1. Health and Social Care Information Centre (2009), Children’s overweight and obesity prevalence, by survey year, age-group and sex.
  2. Department of Health, Obesity: General Information.
  3. National Obesity Observatory (2011), Prevalence of obesity by deprivation decile: Children in Reception and Year 6 (National Child Measurement Programme 2009/10).
  4. Obesity Steering Group, The Academy Obesity Steering Group has been established to carry out a project on tackling obesity on behalf of the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties.
  5. BMI Calculator: Also available as a free App on smartphones.
  6. NHS Weight Loss Guide
  7. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Eat Right Nutrition Tips: Some great practical tips on healthy eating for all the family.
  8. The Infant and Toddler Forum: A great resource for information on nutrition for toddlers. Includes advice on common feeding difficulties in children. Particularly helpful is the Portion Guide for toddlers.